Teaching experience

“It started as a seed of imagination and the passion for discovery fueled my Life’s journey, continued to blossom putting value on Arts and the artistic approach to teaching-learning.”

Children radiate sunshine. Playful, paediatric and mental health nursing are two of the core subjects I enjoyed. A much deeper appreciation of and an inclination for neurological and behavioural development in children became my focus. My interest in teaching children diversified and in line with the Arts. My Experiences expanded to include psychology as my second degree. Passing both the Nursing and teacher’s board exams as well. The combination of art, psychology and nursing gave me a unique work in the hospital, community and school. Having worked in diverse conditions and institutions and studied in various schools fostered a more open attitude and approach towards teaching and learning. Innovating the old bridging it to current times creates a relevant but radical approach to education.

Humanistic approach to care can be strengthened through the arts. The experience of art in health-related professions rouse human sensibilities and heightens the sensitivity for human conditions. The implication of compassion in the practice of nursing care is essential. Art develops self-expression improving relational and communication skills that ensures nurses are able to respond with humanity and deliver quality, compassionate care to all. Art enhances the capacity for empathy that is needed to make reliable nursing care decisions in combination with one’s scientific understanding.

The use of arts in teaching students both in the lower and secondary school develops both the creative and the intellectual capabilities. In the lower school Art supports expression, creativity and promotes social interaction among children. Expressive Arts engages children emotionally and academically making learning fun. It supports the integrated development of the child. By Integrated, I mean the thinking, feeling and willing capacities or you may address development as emotional, social, intellectual and psychological aspect of the child. In giving art workshops to lower, middle school and my nursing students, an open environment for everyone to participate and interact was established.

I taught using Art as medium of instruction from nursery to lower school in two different art based schools. I was a Clinical Instructor for 8 years and a grade school teacher for 4 years. Teaching arts to children is to nurture their creative forces, teaching arts to middle school is an avenue for mastery of skills, in high school is to support self-expression. Artistic activities are encouraged for adults as a well spring of inspiration and provides catharsis channeling energies to positive activity. In the elderly art activities provides the necessary intellectual stimulation improving memory and recall along with community interaction and social connectivity.

To this day I carry the same enthusiasm teaching Art to children, teachers and teachers for street children, with special needs and support schools with my artworks as a meaningful inspired experience. Handling children and children with special needs refined communication skills and developed my own way of understanding them.

Mentoring was an opportune time to grow and learn with children. Working closely to support children and engaging them in creative activities within the school environment from class one was a vital and wonderful experience. Observing the development of children establishes the importance of insightful and meaningful learning experiences fostered through the use of Arts. Introducing and establishing a new way of perceiving art. Art as a dynamic and interactive part to life. Art that is lived and seen as part of everyday life. The lessons must be deeply rooted in the culture from where it is drawn. For it to be significant it must have the features that connect the ideal and the real to make lessons relevant. It carries the seed of transformation. The crisis of creativity in Education can be addressed by re-framing the goals and method of teaching.

My life has been a journey bridging schools and places. I took BS Nursing in La Concordia and Ago Foundation College. After graduation, I took Masters in nursing major in Medical Surgical Nursing at Universidad de Santa Isabel while taking BS Psychology at the Ateneo de Naga University. My post graduate specialization is Neurological Nursing and my area is Intensive Care Unit. I find myself once again returning to Concordia College to get the formalities of a degree in MA Nursing. I went into Medical School at Our Lady of Fatima but failed to pursue further after the demise of my father. Last year, I took Masters in Applied Psychology, distance learning at University of Liverpool, United Kingdom and have been previously accepted in selected European universities and in the United States. But the essence of Education and Culture is doing the one thing that gives you fulfillment and happiness in life. In being able to participate in Life as proactive individuals in the occupation or profession that we play in the place where we are but having a universal consciousness.

On music, I was a student at the Philippine High School for the Arts, St. Scholastica’s College and University of the Philippines. On Visual Arts, I was mentored and studied MA in Fine Arts at the Asian Institute for the Arts under the tutelage of the late Dr. Rod Paras-Perez. Visiting teaching artists and authors British Peter Patterson and American Van James widened my horizon as to connect arts with the development of the Child. Further studies in the arts in Europe have supported my artist’s life and work.

There was a time, I have so forgotten to sing and play an instrument that deciding to do the things I cherish gave colour and zest to living. Getting into the life of music I played violin with British friend Adam. W. Phillips.

Education and travel paved the way for my perspective in life. Spiced by the many people who shared my life giving me a universal disposition. Crossing borders and boundaries, seeing shifting sands gave me a wider and colourful view of a world where change is constant.

Looking into individual differences and finding meaningful experiences and expression is beauty in diversity.


“Marielou is gifted and proved these by public performances in all her artistic showcase in acting, music and painting.”

Natividad Ascuncion, DC
Former Member
Board of Nursing
Professional Regulation Commission

“… You are very artistic to work in the hospital”

Mirla M. Severino, MD
Medical Director
San Juan de Dios Educational Foundation, Inc. ( Hospital )

“Marielou is elusive, relentless in the pursuit of excellence.
Persevering and unconventional. She is impatient but joyful”

Cecilia R. Legarda, Ph.D
Assistant Chief
Commission on higher Education
National Capital Region

“Marielou is my best student”

Dr. Rod Paras-Perez
Art Historian/Art Critic

“Marielou, my best student”

Nicanor D. Perlas
Center for Alternative Development Initiatives

“We have a big shoe to fill up in your absence Teacher Marielou. It is difficult to find another teacher to take your place.”

Mon Maranan

“Teacher Marielou is the best teacher for my daughter Jayda. You are one of a kind”

James Lim