10872377_309379079251862_206060387_nTeaching is about tapping the potential in each child; nurturing the kernel of creativity, igniting the fire of imagination and the capacity for self-expression that is present in all children.

Finding the child’s learning style is important as the development of self-expression is essential. Each child is encouraged to follow their own artistic processes. Identifying what learning style works best for the child is finding the key that taps into all possibilities. Education is a journey, not a race. I teach in a spontaneous, free and open manner that allows the child room for discovery with appropriate guidance. Learning is an ongoing and continuous process. Every Child learns at their own pace and time in a non-competitive environment.

Guiding children to discover their own unique nature is an adventure for me and my student. A healthy self-expression builds self-esteem and confidence.

Art is an avenue for emotional, social and intellectual growth and development. Designing a lesson plan that best address the child’s developmental need is necessary to draw individuality. In creating all my Art lessons, the importance of balance between thinking, feeling, willing is recognized based on the holistic development of the child.

“A child needs to be accepted for what she is, assured for what she can, affirming her unique nature, appreciated for her efforts, and to be loved unconditionally for all that she is”

The ability to discover their own uniqueness and creativity is essential to self-expression. My method of teaching have always been inclined towards nurturing the creative artistic capacity in Children. To nourish the sense of wonder and enthusiasm for learning while doing creative work most especially in the lower school or early childhood.

When I teach, I give importance to continuity, consistency and pattern. To assist the child until such time she finds her path is mentoring. Establishing a good foundation gives to a child insight and judgment that will equip him in managing herself in the changing times now and in the future.

I follow a multidisciplinary approach to Teaching, one that combines the sciences in the art.

Learning through artistic means. In the arts both in painting and music classes, I created lessons that best reflect the unique nature of each child and class. I follow a system of learning that is based on the development of the child.

Choosing and providing artistic experiences that are age appropriate in a regular and structured classes individually or as a group. The development of critical thinking, problem solving and logic is coursed through the arts such as painting and music. I give primary importance to the development of the child followed by the acquisition of knowledge and skills. The capacity to think through discovery and creativity develops independence, individuality and confidence.

The acquisition of self- expression and the right learning style is significant.

Comments from her students:

rise-of-mayaThe Rise of Maya by Nina, age 9, grade four

As we all know, the Norse version of creation is possible. Another story about a special tree, the Yggdrasil was also nice. I remember three norns. They were called Urda, Verdandi and Skuld. Are there more?

Then we met the fourth. At first we said, She was just a normal person walking, talking, breathing. But…. Is she? Long Golden Hair, changes colour with the time of day. From Red to brown and black. Mind reader, holds our destiny. She was Maya, queen of math, loves white and also funny.
One day, so ordinary while unfinished work was being done, while she was sitting on her throne, in her fortress called “classroom“ doing her list of giants. We saw the truth, her real personality. She was holding our destiny, of our grades. She was protected by a magical force field called “doors” and “windows.”

She has awesome powers. She was always followed by a squire named Caleb. She lived in her green castle in the mountains. A castle hidden behind the clouds. The path is guarded by a gigantic white serpent.

I did not know a Norn could play the violin and recorder, draw awesome pictures, solve math and be our teacher and she is still the fourth Norn.

We love you teacher.


My teacher is a racing car driver. Blaine, age 8 grade three

The school bus left me behind. I did not know how to catch up with the Bus. I wanted to go home. She came driving a black vintage racing car. Her hair fly in the air. She zooms in the long and winding road like the wind. It was an old car but it was fuming fast. The car is flying. It was so much fun riding with her. She is my teacher Marielou. The other boys in my class think it was so cool. My teacher rocks!


Teacher Marielou, A perfect teacher, Isis age 9, grade four
I like to be be a violinist like you, I am always interested in your


My Teacher Marielou does not have a price Tag! Deborah age 9, grade 4


My wish for you teacher Marielou…. I hope you will be our teacher forever! Santiago, age 8, grade 3


Creation Play: Birth angel By Sofia grade three

Setting: children come from heaven

Dear guardian angel,

I am now going to earth. I’m climbing down the rainbow of my own colour. I am leaving heaven to go to earth with other six souls, Sarah, Ruth, Noah, Thubal, Jubal and Jabal.
We are all coming down to earth. I had even my ball to bring. I can see a little view.
Ah! Houses within a big village. Noah, you gave everyone a ball. Sarah and Ruth is my best friend and cooks my food.
Oops my shoe fell, it is time to go down.

( I am in earth )


Teacher Marielou is Faerie Queene, Jayda age 6, grade one

” Ms. marielou is a great teacher because she loved her students even if some of us were very naughty. she is talented and taught us many things.” She makes things nice and pretty. She is very kind and we love her too.” She has a very nice voice.

enchanted-treeThe enchanted tree: Claire grade one

I’m Lucy. I live in a place so enchanted. I live in a place so enchanted that you could see faries dancing. Dwarves playing. Elves playing in My Mansion. ants playing in my kitchen. and me just in the bed trying to sleep. and then i said. to all of the faires. dwarves. elves. and ants. Pls. “stop”. beacause and then while they are doing ther Monkey business. i went out from the house. and i went at the back of the house and i saw a forest behind my house it was so beautifull and enchanted. i saw talle tree that is biger than y mansion. and then I said “cool” ! i’ve never saw a tree bigger than my mansion. i better tell my Egyptian friend. She said. it can be gods tree. Or isis’s tree. and i said. it can that’s impossible. She said why. i said beacause our god is only one. but are god and godesses are milions. i said lets just stick to one she. said ok.. she said to me want some fruit pop?. ok i said. she said how about the tree?. i said oh leave it. she said why? we need it beacause it gives air she said ok..


Playful Ricky: Franco kindergarten

Riky is playing gamse he is playing good. He is playing Gameboy stop playing gamse you have work to do. Ok sed Riky. You might have a zero and reky really had a zero. The and.


“ There is no one above you teacher Marielou, you are the
best! I will miss you. Paolo, age 9 grade four”


I am very very proud to be your student!!, Cerise, age 9, grade four