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Art the Creation Stories is a book that rediscovers the capacity for artistic expression. It seeks to explore skills and artistic aspirations in visual art and storytelling. It inspires the use of one’s transformative power to create and nurture the Child’s well spring of imagination.

It introduces new movement in the language of teaching by validating the importance of Art and the beauty of the artistic expressions. It calls for collaborative process as an integrative factor in building a healthy and happy school environment
It is a book that focuses on openness and freedom in the changing sands of culture and tradition seeing the search for meaning in human experience and communities. It recollects storytelling as a means in building communities. Art can be the communal expression of a community put into images and words in the Stories we share.

All mythologies are great subjects for painting and storytelling. It contains rich and vivid pictures that nourish the imagination. Myths provide the origin of the universe and Life. All cultures have their own mythologies. It is an expression of man’s attempt to comprehend Life. The search for meaning in life is an offshoot of man’s reflective nature.

It is a book that appreciates the Old Testament Creation Stories in a way that is open and relevant to the Development of the Child with respect to his need for orientation to time and space. It responds to the child changing consciousness.

The book is published by the Claretian Bookstore at 8 Mayumi St., U.P. Village, Diliman, Quezon City and at the different Claretian outlets in the Philippines.

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“This method of teaching reflects the intuitive role of “imagery” by the storyteller.
The important role of vision in the interpretation of the manifestation of
Creation in an Art Form.
The success of this book, does not stop at the end of a semester. It shall remain in the heart of the story teller as she experiences the response of the students and the children he or she will touch. It is a privilege for me to have been able to experience “Creation in an Art Form”
Victoria P. Berbano, BSN, RN, BS Psychology, MHA
Nursing Board Member
Philippine Nurses Association of America
Nursing Board Member
Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego
Vice President
Case management and quality Management
Milvali Health Care Company
February 23, 2015

This Book Art and the Creation Stories is a well- crafted attempt to integrate art appreciation, storytelling and religion in a structured framework
intended to cull creativity from and provide mastery to a child’s cognitive, affective
and psycho-motor domains using creation stories expressed as art.
The book uses story telling as a teaching learning tool
to produce intended outcomes preparing children for more complex tasks.
From a strictly educational sense, the exercises contained in this publication
promote and practice higher order thinking skills even
in the young. It strengthens participative, constructive and collaborative
learning processes in the mental framework of
learners at an early age where they are most flexible and malleable.

This book is a unique, universal, and unifying contribution to making to making children’s education refreshing, relevant and resourceful.

Edwin V. Rodriguez, MD, MHPed
Pediatrician and Medical Educator
UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
University of Santo Tomas
Espana, Manila, Philippines
January 30, 2015

Angel Aparicio, OP
UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
University of Santo Tomas
Espana, Manila, Philippines
January 30, 2015


This book is a must have for everybody involved in child development. It is doubly significant that the author Maria Lourdes A. de Vera took into account the cognitive level of the child thus enriching learning. The author introduced an innovative way for the child to know God and appreciate His creation – through Arts and Storytelling.
Dra. Alicia Tamesis, M.D. FPPS, MPH
Paediatrician and Adolescent Medicine
Fe del Mundo Medical Centre
Philippine Children’s Medical Centre
St. Luke’s Medical Centre
Given this day Oct. 21, 2014

The book Art and Creation stories is a wonderful method that integrates the child’s thinking, feeling and willing ability. It promotes individualized method of teaching that is unique
and adaptive to the current time. It is creative and artistic and brings out the best in any child.

Cecilia Legarda, Ph.D
Retired Assistant

Learning becomes fun and exciting through storytelling and painting. Children have an innate love of stories create a sense of wonder and magic. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Thus, storytelling becomes a distinct way for
children to develop an understanding
of respect and appreciation for other cultures. It can also promote a positive
attitude for people from different lands, races and religions.
Likewise, Art is basic in teaching. Every subject area is important, but no program
for young Children could succeed without emphasizing art. Children at their
prime age are able to express their feeling and emotions in a safe way
through making, looking at, and talking about their own artwork and
the art of others. Children are helped through art to develop
perceptual abilities while able to practice
and gain fine muscle control and strengthen eye hand motor coordination.
These are few of the many things one can obtain through art.

Dennis G. Tamayo
CMF Director
Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc.
October 2014

Art and The Creation Stories is a rare find nowadays, primarily, because the book celebrates the giftedness of every child the way any proud parent would.
The book speaks of the child in a loving, respectful way — not some empty vessel into which any one can pour cold, dry information.
The book has clearly pointed out that a child is a present waiting to unravel.
He carries within him so much freshness and creativity, it would be a
great disservice not to let that out.
And what a big help Art and the Creation Stories can be towards this end!
Using the book will not make artists of all children, but it could make creativity
an integral part of their everyday life. Something that I
observe to be wanting in so many of our
children nowadays.
I see the book as a catalyst to connect us all in the family again
and the fiercest weapon any parent can wield against
the desensitizing effect of digital devices sometimes
used as substitute for creative activity.

Willa P. Maglalang
Writer, Change and Creativity Advocate, Waldorf Parent
October 2014

I like it! It is intuitive and intelligent

Sockie Fernandez
January 2015

Thank you so much for the very special Christmas gift you had given me. I am sure that this wonderful book “Art and the Creation Stories” is a great help for my ministry to the children and the young. God bless you always.
Fr. Joselito Clemen
Assumption of our Lady Shrine-Parish, Dauis, Bohol
December 20, 2014