artThe experience of colours gives any painting its soul expression. Creativity is a place where artistic expression are explored. It is a sacred space. Art is offered as an experiential activity that is releasing and attunes an individual to self-expression.

A journey to self-discovery. In an age where speed and quantity is of importance, having the time to immerse oneself in any creative artistic work offers a different type relaxation. It offers a space to fill in what the drudgery of life has taken and fills it with playfulness, renewed spirit and imagination.

A different experience in painting is introduced. A non- figurative way of painting where the artist expresses her thoughts and feelings through colours. Forms are generated from the indication generated from the movement of colours.

Colours have their own movement and appeals to the feelings. This kind of painting suffuse the inner life or soul of the artist. The colours resonate. Each artistic work is an expression that is dynamic thus express several ideas. Viewers are able to grasp the meaning of the painting by individual intuitive capacity.

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