Nature is the evolving canvass of Life. Mesmerized by its gamut, finding a niche amidst satisfies my Spirit. A solemn sacred space – piece of the world tucked away. Consumed with art in my own little corner. From the old colonial city in the Philippines, where I used to draw birds, flowers and trees sitting on the porch to where we moved lived in Tanzania. I continued to paint.

I own the world, live in its heart without taking its flesh.”

Thought of as a musician first, I always painted far from being seen. My paintings are a riddle to family and friends.

It was a privilege to be mentored by Dr. Rod Paras – Perez. An Art Critic and Art historian of remarkable character and unparalled expertise. He led me to my creative space to further explore visual arts and be happy with it. Unassuming and affirming as a mentor and a friend, he shared his talent and his friends too. As my teacher, we exchanged books we have written. He gave me a book which he co-authored with national artist H.R.Ocampo with the latter’s hand written note and signature. I never knew how important they were because I refrained from reading newspapers. We talked about Art exhibits and writing books as my project as his student in the graduate school. I continued to paint and published my book after his demise.

exhibits-2Art is an afterthought of nature. An allegory. Painting from the figment of my cognition or of my imagination. It is not what I am looking at rather I what I see in the same image. Anything you can conceive of is real.

The richness of colours and the dynamic interaction is music to my eyes and a feast to my ears. Bustling colours weaving is texture and movement. .. to me.

A Journey through colours gives me a moment of fascination in the many gestures and forms arising.

My first exhibit was in October 2013 with an Art group based in Pasay City. A group of cause oriented artists called Lakbay Kulay. It was an honour to be invited by Jose Capital.

exhibits-5The second and third Painting exhibit took me to Baguio City with a group of Artist from the mountain province.

I worked as a teaching artist in the lower school. And it has given me the space to work with different materials and with different children. But the goal of one’s art is different. Expressing one’s own artistic expression is different from being a teaching Artist. Art work of that form is a personal journey.

Teaching Art to children was a fertile ground for my own growth and expression. The path to teaching Art was interesting and fun having Peter Patterson, British and Van James, American both accomplished artists and authors for my mentors.

In July of 2014, I found a meaningful art experience learning with Zoltan Dobrontei and Simon Zsolt Jozsef, in Hungary.

The fourth exhibit brings me back to GSIS Museum, Pasay City, Philippines in October 2014, with the same group of Artist – LAKBAY KULAY.

At the Children’s Museum, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. October 3, 2014, I gave my first solo exhibit. Art works from the book were exhibited.

As vivid and vibrant the colours are, the more exciting people and personalities I come across. Dynamic and flourishing, art continues to unravel. The daily grind of living can be exhausting. The thought of a sanctuary in deep forest refreshes existence from the drudgery of life. Art is a mimesis of Nature. So, I fill my days with colours painting.








“Colours are vibrant and so brilliant”
Adam W. Phillips
United Kingdom
2013 November

Marielou is a master of her own craft. Marielou as a colleague is very dependable and trustworthy. She is willing to help out whenever needed—and frequently offers assistance before it’s requested- very sensitive of others’ needs. She is a good team player and knows how to improve the effectiveness of a task the group is up of achieving- a real work friend. She is someone who is not going to come in and pretend she knows it all, even if she knows and masters many things. She is a professional indeed!

Panabo Central Elem. School
2015 January