music-imgDark night

At an age where young girls enjoy roses and crushes. I was occupied with Mendelssohn Piano Concerto in D minor to Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor. It was not a question of what concerto to play. I cannot remember feeling my music. Detached from my own self –expression. It was very disturbing for me. The dark night of my soul gripped hard and left me numb.

What the audience heard during my first Solo Piano recital at a younger age was just a fraction of what I can do. I was so immersed in play when there was much talent to harness. I told that I was underachieving. Twice the Dean of Music challenged me to give more, by giving the gold medal for piano to another student during our grade school and senior high graduation. I had other skills to consider I was given excellence in Music.
I did not see the value of proving my mettle in the arts-Music because I felt Art is part of our being. There is more to music than performance. I was searching.

After the Piano Recital at the Cultural Centre of the Philippines, I stopped performing, I just stopped playing. Emotions 2 by Francisco Beltran Buencamino, captured the very thing I lost.

Getting back
The playing went on. My breathing suspended and halted.

“It sounded like the untrimmed lawn grass. I can’t help but stand and leave. The experience of sound is the soul of music.”

The experience recaptured what was lost in me and called forth my soul expression to being. For all the Artist that I am. I am a musician first and everything else follows.
Every fibre of my being is musical allowing people to join me in that sacred space is not an easy thing to do. My family have all the reason for choosing my teachers but I pick the people who cross and pass through my life.

Never thought I would teach music in the classroom in a regular school. Called to share my ideas gave me the reason teach violin in the lower school. It marked my come back to music too. Stepping out of my cave to teach felt like a primeval man on the loose. Reluctant, I welcomed children to cherish colours of music in my world. It re-opened the doors.

Teaching music as a gesture of my thought is a simple task to exercise. I don’t need to get emotionally involved in it. I myself am not yet ready to perform or play because I still can’t feel my own. Being musical also meant the role of music in my life. What was metaphor in music and abstract to children was real and visual to me. Finding balance and harmony in nature and the world around. The rhythm found in nature’s cycles. To create this world for children roused human sensibilities.

From the experience of sound comes order, precision and harmony. The need for structure, discipline and consistency grounds a child in time and space. Silencing, attention and focus as essentials to performance. Practice as it leads to memory and dexterity.

That the experience of tone lead to discriminate listening and awareness that brings social connectivity among children and in the community- classroom.

I wanted to draw the musical nature of each child in my class. To look into their uniqueness.

In the process of allowing myself to become part of their journey I found myself looking at the same door I so closed. With the same door now open I continued with my own journey.

For two years, I relearned to play the violin with a British friend Adam W. Phillips. It was a big leap to start all over as a beginner capture what time has for a moment held. For so long I have forgotten how it is to play. How my castle has been invaded by spiders and cobwebs.

So, I shall continue to play as an expression of my Being in time. In my own quiet world, a stage of my own space. To perform beneath the stars and enjoy being one with the universe as an affirmation of soul expression.

Now, I write and do the things I cherish share a cup of laughter with Professor Maurie Borromeo, from the University of the Philippines, College of Music.


I taught music as both a science and an art. A language and an expression of a culture, of a time, of a child and a child within. I believe in the natural affinity of the child for music. It is a common spur in all children. When nurtured and nourished with the appropriate images and understanding it unfolds spatial, mathematical and other forms of intelligence. It includes social skills and intrapersonal intelligence. Music relates to all other academic subjects.

Giving the child enough room to grow and space to develop naturally supports the development of skills. But what is important is for a child to find joy in what he is doing.



“Marielou is gifted and very talented in many aspects. An excellent pianist who needs to discipline her artistic nature and put it into artistic expression. ”
Catalina Ledesma, DC
Dean of Music
Colegio de Santa Isabel

“Marielou, you read music fast, innately artistic, but you need to ground your music.”
Ms. Nita A. Quinto
Piano Teacher
University of the Philippines, Colege of Music

“Where do you get the fire when you play the piano?”
Ena-Maria Aldecoa
University of the Philippines, College of Music

“I am indebted to Teacher Marielou for teaching my daughter the violin.
For giving her an excellent musical foundation.”
Sandi Alora

“Teacher Marielou is a great music teacher, I wish her to be my teacher until heaven.”
Music student

“Teacher Marielou teaches the violin in an appealing way that
I still remember the stories. She encouraging and strict as a teacher.”
Violin student