10959536_326617994194637_732732574413906389_nSomething that catches your imagination and sustains your interest is a good topic to start writing with. A fuzzy and gray duckling roamed in my garden. I kept a number pets at home from pigeons, parrots and fishes. I was fascinated with animals since I was three years old.

Living in Tanzania, the lure of the vast African savannah and countless beasts roaming around nourished my adventuresome spirit. Like the incessant beating of the drums it whetted my appetite to write about animal life at eight years old. Illustration and stories were also inspired by my childhood experiences with feathered friends. But, these short stories did not make it to the publishing house. My first story was about the White Swan.

Writing stories and poetry has been my way of expressing my thoughts and views. I have written a number of books for the arts and health care.

Writing about childhood education for a local newspaper was an exciting way to spend my leisure hours. After doing Feature writing for some time I focused on writing books. The first book published was inspired by the Art on the theme of Mythology. Claretian Publishing will release my second book. My next book on the care of patients in their end of days will be launched soon,

Being free-lance gives me the space to explore possibilities of writing different topics.
I am currently writing my third book.